PIFC President Rex Frazier in Top 3 of business group leaders in Capitol Weekly Top 100 and 28 overall

Rex Frazier was named the 28th in the Capitol Weekly Top 100 list !   In fact, upon further analysis, Rex is the third highest ranked business group leader!

Here is a link to the Top 100:  http://www.capitolweekly.net/article.php?_c=10vsfefcz3259ax&xid=10vsdhk2fcm5lsi&done=.10vsfefcz32d9ax, which includes the following summary of the Top 100 list project:

“There’s so much going on in the Capitol and the political community that targets it – the trade groups, the lobbyists, the bureaucracy, the consultants – that no list of names can really capture the energy.

But except for some last-minute hysteria and juggling, we’re pretty happy with this list: It gives you an idea of who’s doing what to whom and why, which is the whole point.”

We should all give Rex a huge congratulations for a sustained job well-done, yet also recognize the tremendous and invaluable contribution of our individual PIFPAC Members and PIFC Member companies whose support makes all the difference in making the insurance industry, through PIFC/PIFPAC, a relevant, successful, proactive force in the State political and policy making infrastructure of California.  This point is woven throughout the paragraph dedicated to Rex in the Capitol Weekly Top 100 list:  

28. Rex Frazier
Rex Frazier is the president of the Personal Insurance Federation of California, a trade group that represents only a handful of insurers, but they include some heavy hitters – such as State Farm, Mercury and Farmers. Frazier is a lawyer by training and a political junkie by temperament, and his job is to make sure that PIF protects its own and backs candidates helpful, or at least not hostile, to his industry. Frazier, a lawyer, is an aggressive practitioner of the political arts and his members give him the resources to back his judgment.