At long last, the Anthony Rendon era officially begins

Environmentalist. Early childhood education advocate. Fan of daylight saving time. And now the 70th Speaker of the Assembly.

In just over three years at the Capitol, Anthony Rendon has ascended from head of a nonprofit to the top of political leadership in California. The Lakewood Democrat was selected last September as the next speaker and he will be sworn in Monday during Assembly session at 1 pm.

As the first speaker under new term limits that allow lawmakers to serve up to 12 years in either house, much attention has focused on how long Rendon could hold on to the position after a string of short-term leaders – and what he might do with that stability. An instrumental force behind the $7.5 billion water bond approved by voters in 2014 and a lead ammunition ban that will take effect in 2019, Rendon has indicated that his top priority will be expanding state preschool and other educational opportunities for young children.

Check out what Rendon had to say about the California Public Utilities Commission, the 2016 election and why he’s an introvert in an interview with The Bee’s Capitol bureau last week.

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