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California Bay Area Town Bans Short-term Rentals, Airbnb not allowed

A picturesque town in the San Ramon Valley, Calif. has banned residents from operating short-term rentals.

The Contra Costa Times reported that Danville’s town council voted 4-to-1 Tuesday to prohibit rentals of fewer than 30 days.

The town’s attorney said Danville has about 20 households that host through platforms such as Airbnb and VRBO.

Some residents argued they should be allowed to use their property as they want, but many more said they didn’t want Danville’s “small town” feel ruined by strangers.

Danville is about 30 miles east of San Francisco, where Airbnb spent more than $8 million last fall to defeat a ballot measure to further regulate the industry. Cities large and small
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Quake early warning system could save lives. But it’s stalled over money dispute

When a magnitude 6.0 earthquake hit Napa in 2014, an earthquake alert system gave researchers in San Francisco about eight seconds of warning before the shaking began. Just last month, 30 seconds of warning reached downtown L.A. before the ground shook from a magnitude 4.4 quake centered near Banning.

Despite these successes, the early warning network is stymied by a lack of funding that has delayed full rollout of the system.

The White House this week highlighted advances of the system by bringing together top scientists, politicians and emergency managers in Washington who marveled at how it could give residents as well as emergency officials and businesses precious seconds of warning before a devastating
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