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The 11 worst states for insurance regulation: Report

by Caitlin Bronson | Jan 13, 2015

California and North Carolina are the worst states in the nation for free market-promoting insurance regulation.

That’s the finding from the 2014 Insurance Regulation Report Card, issued by The R Street, a think tank promoting the values of “limited, effective and efficient government.”

In its annual review of insurance regulation across the country, the group assessed each state for proficiency in 12 areas, including ensuring carrier pricing flexibility; competitiveness in home, auto and workers’ comp markets; monitoring carrier solvency and efficiency. While it noted that some—like Florida—were making efforts to “scale back,” other states “appear to be moving in the wrong direction.”

“States should regulate only those market activities
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Richard Pan precincts on Nov. 4 had Republican flavor


Democratic state Sen. Richard Pan likely owes his Nov. 4 victory over Roger Dickinson in part to stronger support from the district’s Republican minority, according to a review of final Sacramento County election results.

The Democrat-on-Democrat race for the 6th Senate District was among the most competitive and expensive in the state. In the end, Pan won with 53.8 percent of the vote in the Sacramento-based district, where Democrats comprise 48.3 percent of registered voters, Republicans 24.9 percent, and no-party preference voters 21.6 percent.

There’s no way to tell how people of different party affiliations voted Nov. 4. But final election results from Sacramento County – which makes up 95 percent
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