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Christmas Has Lowest Car-Theft Rate as Criminals Wait

Christmas Day has the lowest auto-theft rate of the year in the U.S., as criminals spend time with their families and put off stealing until warmer months.

There were 1,432 thefts reported on Dec. 25, compared with more than 2,400 on peak days in June, July and August of last year, according to astatement today from the National Insurance Crime Bureau. It was at least the second straight year in which Christmas was the day with the fewest thefts.

June through August tends to be the busiest time for car thieves as drivers spend more time on the road. Those are also months when teenagers are on break
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7 Dangers of Decking the Halls

In the midst of the holiday season, many families embrace the spirit of the season and festively decorate their homes to celebrate. For most Americans, the holiday season would not be the same without colored lights, Christmas trees, or halls decked with boughs of holly.

Holiday décor is part of what makes the season special, but it is important to take safety precautions when prepping the home for the holidays.

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