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Self-Driving Vehicles Move Ahead Faster Than Rules of Road: Cars

The world has moved quickly from wonder at the idea of driverless cars to impatient expectation. The Cadillac SRX zipping around a test track in suburban Detroit is flashing a sign: Not so fast.

The car can pilot itself at highway speed while the person in the driver’s seat eats a hamburger.

Yet the first versions of General Motors Co. autonomous vehicles, due out by 2020, will drive themselves only on controlled-access highways, such as an interstate. Don’t count on them to avoid accidents on their own; it will be up to a licensed driver behind the wheel to avoid the deer running out from the roadside. The reasons are
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Insurance Pros in Politics: Cooley Masters Quake Insurance

When it comes to mixing insurance and politics, the two might as well be one in the same for California Assemblyman Ken Cooley.

Cooley, D-Rancho Cordova, started his career in the 1970s working on earthquake issues with a unit of government in the San Francisco Bay area. Since that time, Cooley has mixed the businesses of insurance and politics quite often and quite well.

The McGeorge School of Law graduate was chief of staff to Assemblyman Louis J. Papan from the late 1970s to early 1980s, and for a time in the mid-80s he served as legislative counsel at the California Land Title Association.

Then in the late ‘80s Cooley was chief counsel
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State’s 10 highest ZIP Codes for car insurance are in L.A. County

The 10 most expensive ZIP Codes for car insurance in California are all in Los Angeles County, and Beverly Hills is most expensive city in the state to insure a vehicle, according to a new study.

“Where you live is playing a big role in the rate you’re paying,” said Laura Adams, senior analyst for the website InsuranceQuotes, which commissioned the study.

With a higher population density than anywhere else in the state, Los Angeles has more traffic, more accidents and more claims, Adams said. Those factors push premiums up.

Two Hollywood neighborhoods, by ZIP Code, have the highest premiums in the state, according to the study. Residents in North Hollywood’s 91606 and
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