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Texting in traffic: Adults worse than teens

Forget teenagers. Adults are the biggest texting-while-driving problem in the USA. What’s worse — they know it’s wrong.

Almost half of all adults admit to texting while driving in a survey by AT&T provided to USA TODAY, compared with 43% of teenagers. More than 98% of adults — almost all of them — admit they know it’s wrong but still do it. Six in 10  say they weren’t doing it three years ago.

“I was a little bit surprised,” Charlene Lake,  AT&T’s senior vice president-public affairs, says of the survey of 1,011  adult drivers. “It was sobering to realize that texting while driving by adults is not only high, it’s really gone
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NICB Says Staged Accidents Targeting Big Rigs Could Turn Deadly

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) today warned drivers in the Las Vegas area to be on the lookout for criminals targeting trucks in a deliberate attempt to cause an accident for the purpose of collecting insurance money.

As many as 100 suspected staged accidents along the I-15 corridor through the metropolitan Las Vegas area have been reported to NICB in the past 12-18 months and as many as 25 of those accidents targeted big rig trucks. The NICB is working closely with its member companies, the Nevada Insurance Council, the Nevada Highway Patrol, and the Nevada Attorney General’s Office to track down the organizers behind these schemes.

In the meantime, concern
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MORENO VALLEY: Families seek reimbursement for possessions burned in fire

Eight Moreno Valley families seeking reimbursement from the owner of their apartment complex after their possessions were destroyed in a January fire received the same, unwelcome news as many other uninsured renters before them: They are likely out of luck.

Apartment owners’ policies almost never cover renters’ possessions — something many renters don’t know — an insurance industry spokesman said. And few renters have insurance, a survey showed.

In the Jan. 7 fire at the Stonegate at Towngate Apartments, flames devoured the top floor of a three-story building, and water from the firefighting effort damaged apartments on the first and second floors. Three of the 11 families had renters
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