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CDI Press Release: Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones Announces Major Community Development Investments from Insurers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 3, 2012(#089)



Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones today announced $7.25 million in new investments from insurance companies and banks to benefit underserved communities across California.  

The investments—$2.8 million from United Health Care Insurance Company, $1 million from Blue Shield of California Life & Health Insurance Company, $1.25 million from CUNA Mutual Group, $500,000 from CSE Insurance Group, and almost $2 million from banks—were made to several community development financial institutions operating in California.  

“Last year insurance companies helped me revitalize this program with millions in investments to benefit under-served and rural communities,” said Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones.  “Today we thank UnitedHealthCare, Blue Shield
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California voter turnout in June sets record low for presidential primary

By Jim Sanders  Sacramento Bee

California’s election turnout last month set a record low for a presidential primary in the state, with more than two of every three registered voters opting not to cast ballots.

Oddly, in light of the dismal turnout, more Californians than ever before voted by mail – with 65 percent of ballots cast coming via thePostal Service, the secretary of state’s office said Friday.

The previous high for vote-by-mail was 62 percent, set in May 2009.

“Given the ease and convenience that voting by mail offers, it’s not surprising to see more and more people choose to cast their ballots
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California Democrats pick a side in several same-party races

By Torey Van Oot  Sacramento Bee Capitol Alert

The California Democratic Party is poised to take sides in a handful of same-party runoffs on the November ballot.

Democratic delegates throughout the state met over the weekend and last week to cast endorsement votes in a number of districts where no Democrat won the party’s official backing ahead of the June 5 primary.

Here are the unofficial results of those votes, which CDP spokesman Tenoch Flores said will be certified as early as Friday if no challenges to the vote are filed.

Assembly District 18:Rob Bonta endorsed over Abel Guillen.

Assembly District 47: Joe Baca, Jr. endorsed over Cheryl Brown.

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American Agents Alliance Press Release


California Insurance Agents Announce Proposition 33,The 2012 Automobile Insurance Discount Act

SACRAMENTO, CA – California insurance agents and brokers, consumer advocates who are committed to shopping for the best deal for their clients, announce the 2012 Automobile Insurance Discount Act was officially assigned Proposition 33 by the Secretary of State’s office.

Proposition 33, the 2012 Automobile Insurance Discount Act, will reward Californians for following the law and maintaining car insurance, and allow Californians to shop their loyalty discount to competing insurance companies. Current law allows a discount, but only if a customer stays with the same insurance company.

Proposition 33 will increase competition, lower prices
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