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Initiative on Health Insurance Rates Won’t Make November Ballot

By Laurel Rosenhall  Sacramento Bee Capitol Alert

An initiative that seeks to regulate health insurance rates will not qualify for the November ballot, but proponents say California voters will have a say on the measure in 2014.

“We’re disappointed, but we’re also hopeful that the extra time will make the cause even greater,” saidJamie Court, president of the initiative’s backer, Consumer Watchdog.

“The Supreme Court’s upholding of the mandate today made this more crucial than ever,” Court added. “It just means the finish line is postponed a little bit.”

The initiative’s fate was determined this morning when Los Angeles County submitted its random-sample count of valid
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July is a dangerous month for drivers, insurance group says

By Tony Bizjak  Sacramento Bee

A national insurance think tank study shows July is typically a very dangerous month of the year for drivers, including teenagers, notably July 4, a major travel day.

In California, 241 people died during the month of July, the peak of the summer driving season, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study.

“These tragedies are compounded by the fact that many crashes are preventable,” says Phil Telgenhoff, field vice president of Allstate in California. “Driver error, speeding and distractions are the main causes of crashes, and seemingly simple activities such as switchingradio stations or interacting with friends can significantly impair
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California Lawmakers Race to Pass a Budget Bill With Little Time to Read it

By Kevin Yamamura  Sacramento Bee

The main budget bill coming before California lawmakers today is a 777-page piece of legislation that spells out how the state will spend billions of dollars over the next fiscal year.

Senate panel raced to consider the measure Thursday, along with a handful of related bills that arrived in committee fresh off the printer.

Passing the annual budget requires two dozen or more bills, the entire contents of which are virtually impossible for any one person to read in the days – and sometimes minutes – leading up to the floor vote.

The process inevitably comes down to the wire, a function
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Primary Election Day is Here

The Secretary of State’s website has information on how to find your polling location, what you need to bring in order to vote, and a helpful Voter Information Guide.

The Sacramento Bee has a useful Voter Guide that is customized to your address.  You can also find a Tip Sheet on key primary races to watch by Torey Van Oot.

After the polls close, you can follow Live Election Results on the Secretary of State’s website starting at 8PM P.T.

Secretary of State Announces Latest Voter Registration Report

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Shannan Velayas June 1, 2012 (916) 653-6575

More than 17.1 Million

Californians Registered to Vote in June Primary

SACRAMENTO – Secretary of State Debra Bowen today announced 17,153,699 Californians are registered to vote in the June 5, 2012, Presidential Primary Election – up more than one million from this time four years ago.

The 15-day Report of Registration shows that since the last statewide primary during a presidential election year, the percentage of voters registered with a qualified political party decreased from 79.9 percent to 77.7 percent. The percentage of voters with no political party preference (known before 2011 as decline-to-state voters) continues to tick up, increasing from 19.4 percent
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Seven Ballot Initiatives for the November Election Await Signature Verification Before the June 28th Deadline

By Micaela Massimino  Sacramento Bee Capitol Alert

“ELECTION 2012: The Secretary of State’s Office releases the latest figures on California voter registration today.

Meanwhile, there are seven ballot initiatives awaiting signature verification: “Deadline to qualify for Nov2012 ballot = 6/28,” that office’s official Twitter feed declared Thursday.”

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