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Getting Desperate on AB 52, Threatens Ballot Initiative on Health Insurance Rates


By Steve Maviglio  Majority Report, the publicity-hungry group that bills itself as a “consumer advocate” despite having no members and refusing to reveal its secret funders, launched a Hail Mary stunt today in an attempt to save a measure pending in the state legislature that would result in lining the organization’s pockets with millions of dollars.

Jamie Court, the group’s six-figure paid executive director, told the San Francisco Chronicle that it would launch a ballot measure to roll back health insurance rates.

Here’s why I’m calling BS on this PR stunt.

1.  ConsumerWatchdog has no money to qualify an initiative, nevermind pass it. With so many measures looking for signatures, it’s likely to
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Time For A 1988 -Style Voter Revolt?

By Jamie Court  Consumer Watchdog


The San Francisco Chronicle reported this morning on the front page about the landmark insurance reform we expect to be spending the next fifteen months working for.

Insurance companies, the legislature and recent court rulings have all turned against consumers, much like they had in 1988, when California voters struck back with the toughest insurance reform in America: Proposition 103.

By 2014, all of us will be required to buy health insurance or face tax penalties. The problem is that health insurance companies can charge whatever they like and raise premiums at will in California. This is the same scenario that drivers faced in 1988 when mandatory auto
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